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Manga café in Düsseldorf

25 august 2014 |

Manga café in Düsseldorf


We would like to inform you that Manga Café in Düsseldorf, in which we are involved for the interior design, has just opened. Manga Café is a kind of café where guests pick up manga books from shelves and read them. It is a very common business in Japan but this is the first one in Germany.


Düsseldorf is the Japanese capital in Europe, where not only numbers of Japanese companies are established but also there are good Japanese restaurants and it’s the place to be for European people who love Japanese culture.


In the café, there is a lounge area (with children’s lounge chairs designed by Luban:, private corners surrounded with low walls and individual rooms where guests could stay and relax with manga books as long as they want. Mangahof Düsseldorf owns more than 11.000 Japanese and German manga books and offers drinks and Japanese snacks.


Japan sensitive Düsseldorf public seems welcoming this new place. Here are some links of News paper and TV program.


Newspaper Express.DE,2858,28160150.html


Video WDR