moriko kira architect

Renovation and interior design headquarters Nikon in the Tripolis building in Amsterdam

09 january 2013 |

Moriko kira architect has transformed the interior of Aldo van Eyck’s Tripolis building in Amsterdam-South into an open-plan office that encourages interchange and innovation. Built in 1991, Tripolis is set to become the European headquarters of the Japanese electronics company Nikon. Aldo van Eyck’s strong architectural concept and Nikon’s brand image together formed the starting point for moriko kira architect’s design. ‘Both are intense and authentic. We have tried to fit this exceptional company as naturally as possible into an idiosyncratic building,’ states Moriko Kira. Nikon has caused a sensation in recent years with the introduction of several innovations in camera technology, such as the mirrorless camera and a camera smaller than a credit card. The advertising campaign I am Nikon, which demonstrated that everyone can achieve professional quality, helped to make Nikon a market leader in compact cameras.