moriko kira architect

Boxtel Train Station

Renovation hall, platforms and square

We have been asked in the context of "Convenient Waiting' to make some interventions to improve the quality of Boxtel Train Station. Boxtel Train Station is a junction station on the lines Nijmegen-Tilburg and Eindhoven/Den Bosch-Weert and is used daily by about 6,000 travelers, a large part of pupils and students. The current station was built in 2000.


We have given the monumental staircase more space by sliding the metal façade if the station hall to the back. This creates a better place to arrive and depart, while the functional hall is involved better to the front square. In the station hall we put colored glass walls all around so you end up in a different world where you can wait.


We decorate the front square with green beds around the trees which give direction while for the stretched walkway we are looking with students for a printed transparent coating on the glass fronts.


Our proposal is about very local and strategic interventions and it is not the intention to change the current appearance and architecture of the station building. Instead, we want these occasional interventions to create a pleasant atmosphere in the currently empty and bare station building, walkway and  platforms and give the travelers a attractive atmosphere.

    Renovation station hall, station square, footbridge and platforms
    Station Boxtel, The Netherlands
    June 2011
    Parklaan landscape architects
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    250 m2
    320.000 euro