moriko kira architect

Building in center Amsterdam

Renovation building into shop and living spaces

In the medieval center of Amsterdam in a narrow alley is this building from 1612 located. With a very small footprint of 4x4 m are 5 layers plus a cellar stacked. A typical inner-city historic building with little air to manipulate the spaces. However, in order to give coherence and character we have designed the existing staircase as the ridge of the building as a characteristic element. A small spiral staircase surrounded by a semicircular wall connects, how small it is, as the heart of the building all layers. The effect of the light from the upper floors via the stairs always suggests the connection to the other floor. This in fact simply stacked building yet has still a secret room. That is the in itself spiraled mini-bathroom on the 3rd floor, fully finished without corners and in bright yellow!

    Shop space and living spaces
    Heisteeg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    July 2012
    Private client
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    Collaborator: Anne Boonstra
    95 m2
    110.000 euro