moriko kira architect

Care Center Drachten

Multifunctional building complex for mentally handicapped persons

We have been asked in the Vrijburgh neighborhood of Drachten to design a new care center. It forms as a whole a  'center' where several buildings with different functions and users come together. The inhabitants of the location feel that it is their own place, but at the same time, the encounter and the relationship with the environment is encouraged. On the side of the residential complex is a street with an accent. On the side of the farm there is more openness. The composition of the complex expresses the vision of the client: to participate in society, spiritual tranquility and inspiration, self-respect, planning and communication. The complex is by the composition and functions a center for the environment. The basis of all are the residential buildings with the appearance of stability and triviality and where people come together and guests are received the buildings are more special.

    Group homes for handicapped, a multipurpose building and a medical post
    Drachten, The Netherlands
    April 2012
    Parklaan Landscape architects
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    Collaborator: Anne Boonstra
    4000 m2