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Renovation 17th century monument

On behalf of the Government Buildings Agency, we have designed a large-scale renovation of the residence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. This originally built in the seventeenth century Catshuis has been renovated throughout the past several times. The floor of the first floor is of concrete, the quasi sixteenth century frames at the came in beginning of the twentieth century in its place for the eighteenth-century frames. The building is a mix of time images and qualities. The large-scale renovation was necessary due to lack of space and the desire to improve installations and interior. As a starting point for the renovation was chosen for the added plaster in the eighteenth century that yielded a recognizable image of the building, and a contemporary image with the input from various artists and designers.

    Renovation and extension of the residence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands
    The Hague, The Netherlands
    December 2003
    Country Building Service
    Architect: Menno Homan
    Restoration architect: Henny Brouwer
    Interior architect: Herman Zeekaf
    Artist: Henri Jacobs (colour concept and garden room)
    Artist: Claudy Jongstra (dining room and antichambre)
    Artist: Fransje Killaars (gentlemens room)
    Artist: Pieter Bosman
    Artist: Rudy Hartman
    Designer: Marcel Wanders (chandeliers)
    Designer: Manon Schaap
    750 m2
    1250 m2