moriko kira architect

Ceramic Wall

EKWC architecture and ceramics

In 2007 Akiko Yanagimoto and Moriko Kira have been doing co-residency at the EKWC in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, where they have explored the various possible applications of ceramics in the context of architecture.  Akiko’s and Moriko’s collaboration originally sprung from the idea of creating a tactile and personal wall composed of mass-producible ceramic elements. They believe that the wall should work with space and light and not merely present an abstract pattern, but also depict a scene from an ordinary and domestic moment that belongs to a specific person or family. The intimacy of everyday life has always been an inspiration for both Akiko and Moriko’s work. A snapshot of two people cooking in a kitchen was chosen and a drawing was made whereby the snapshot scene was transformed into a collage of approximately 3000 circles in four different diameters. The figures of the two people were replaced by the circles of largest diameter to make them most transparent. Finally, the ceramic wall was constructed with the ceramic tubes and their varying diameters placed according to the drawing. The depth of the tubes was directed on site by Akiko. 

    Ceramic Wall
    Den Bosch, The Netherlands
    September 2007
    Akiko Yanagimoto