moriko kira architect

CPC Eelderzoom

13 row houses by collective private commisioning

In Groningen we realized thirteen houses in collective private commissions (CPO). With a CPO project it’s always exciting to see how the collective and individual face are created. Towards the Eelderplein square these row houses manifest very strong and collectively, with in the facade dispersed stretched wooden boxes as extra rooms. The residents have their homes chosen based on the location of the box. On the residential area, the individuality is emphasized by articulating the block through the drainage and extensions.

    13 row houses
    Dolomietstraat, Groningen, The Netherlands
    September 2008
    Vereniging Eelderplein
    KUUB Centrum Particuliere Bouw
    Project architect: Olivier Langejan
    Collaborator: Jasper Grool
    2.373 m2
    1.706.900 euro