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CPC Hieronymuserf

16 seniors residences by collective private commisioning

For a group of senior individuals, we have designed 14 homes, on a location near the center of Utrecht, where 14 are spread across 4 new blocks and 2 in an existing building. The location is behind the buildings on the street and is surrounded by a small river, a walkway and a monumental building. This is our fourth CPO project. We are looking at CPO always the tension between the collective power of architecture and the expression of the individuality of the residents. The positioning of the apartment blocks will create a landscape image by the differences in height. The height and offset ensures collective and individual spots in consultation with the residents. All balconies are very spacious and participate in the scenic game. In this project, the relationship established with the green character of the area, made a kind of hidden garden with different places and characters.

    14 free standing apartments, 2 apartments in an existing building, a collective space, garden and parking garage
    Maliesingel, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    November 2011
    KUUB centrum particuliere bouw
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    2.000 m², 145 m2 per home