moriko kira architect

CPC Rosendaalseweg

8 houses by collective private commisioning

We are asked to make a vision and volume study for the vacant site 'former gas station Roosendaalseweg' in Arnhem for a CPO (collective private commissioning) association. The location is situated between the A12 motorway and the city center. This is a main road in Arnhem along the neighborhood of the former Monnikenhuize area. It is a place where both sides of the road meet a green environment.


We have positioned two terraced blocks to a collective courtyard. The house entrances are located on this square. Here is green, seating, perhaps a barbeque place, all ideas are possible. We have focused on the existing height difference with 2 types of houses as an example. We propose the types as a basic house, which can be extended in various ways through an extension side wards or top wards. In that way we can have a compact, efficient and diverse character creation.


Type 1 plays with the level difference on the ground floor: to the garden the floor lowers with a few steps down making this space increase. Type 2 is the level difference in the home: towards the garden the ceiling is higher, creating an open relationship with the upper space to the front. It also create a balcony and roof terrace. We can consider whether it is more pleasant to eat and live on the garden side with height in the room, or just an open space towards the front. All rooms can obviously determined as desired.

    8 linked homes
    Roosendaalseweg, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    Vereniging Roosendaalseweg
    Projectarchitect: Jasper Grool
    1000 m2