moriko kira architect

Harmoniezaal Antwerp

Renovation monumental dance hall into community center

In the King Albert park in Antwerp the monumental Concert Hall ‘Harmoniezaal’ is located which we are asked to make a design. We want the Concert Hall to operate as Pavilion of the park. I.e. the room is accessible for ideas from the park during the day. Various group activities must be able to take place in these conditions. Therefore, we designed the five round silence rooms of various sizes. The other areas are symmetrically divided to support the flexible and diverse use of the hall. The entrance foyer, the pantries or support areas and toilets are on both sides of the building. The entrances to suppliers and employees are to the Mechelsesteenweg and their areas are linked.


The quiet room is circled by a fixed and several sliding parts that can change the openness and density. The circular ceiling hang from the roof of the hall with a rounded cone-shaped construction. Under the rising ceiling that allows light it creates a serene space. In this silence closed spaces simultaneously can take place engagements. When the sliding walls are wholly or partially open, interactions occur between the spaces. The exterior of the silent spaces is made of painted wall with a smooth ribbed profile. The profiles provide exceptional light reflection and also improves the sound condition of the room.

    Silent space and multifunctional spaces
    Antwerp, Belgium
    March 2010
    Patrimoniumonderhoud/ gebouwen/ studiedienst
    Parklaan landscape architects
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    600 m2