moriko kira architect

Housing Complex Dieselbuurt

51 houses with collective courtyard in green neighborhood

In the Diesel neighborhood near the Amstel train station we were asked to design a residential building for social housing with mixed housing and a collective patio. The principle is that the grid of the neighborhood clearly presents green axes between the blocks. The green axes towards the water connect the neighborhood with the Ringdijk and there is an informal street between the blocks. Water management has to be a integrated and visible aspect in this neighborhood.


We bring light architecture facades where in between and on the green can be clearly present on the side of the green axes, for the recognition and strengthening cohesion of the neighborhood. The plinth is two stories high, above a light and subtle play of horizontal and vertical division. Important is the transition from public to private to the green axes: direct contact between home and outside entrances, interaction between inside and outside. The roofs are green for water buffering and visually for upper houses.

    51 homes in one housing complex
    Rudolf Dieselstraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    September 2012
    Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    6400 m2
    5.800.000 euro