moriko kira architect

Housing Complex Miquel

34 apartments above commercial plinth

For a location in the center of Amsterdam we have designed two residential towers with a commercial plinth and basement. The site is located in a very urban node. Once here was a railway terminus which defined the character of the neighborhood and the underlying geometry of the plot. The location is confronted with the large-scale vision for the Wibautstraat, a busy street. We have been asked for a clear urban and architectural answer to this tension between the small scale of the existing environment and the urban future. Our proposal is a two-tower concept. By using two instead of one tower, we create lightness and scaling and a line of sight between the towers is possible from the neighborhood behind. Seen from the street, the two facades of the Wibautstraat side are a dynamic and large scale street wall, as the urban plan as metropolitan cityscape prescribes.

    A parking garage, a commercial plinth, office spacec and apartments in two towers
    Wibautstraat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    October 2007
    De Key De Principaal
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    Collaborator: Kenya Sato
    6.125 m2
    7.005.000 euro