moriko kira architect

Housing Complex Osdorp

19 apartments with collective courtyard

In the central area of Amsterdam-Osdorp we are designing with four other architects a total of 260 dwellings. Our share is a building with 19 apartments. In this urban environment buildings form strong street walls. The facade is always a hard, formal face of the housing to the street. In such an environment we miss the exchange of informality and light between inside and outside. The liveliness of the street is not only depending on what happens at ground level but also above. The façade does not have to be a hard mask of what happens behind, but can function as a sort of filter. With this idea we proposed a woven façade of bricks and spaghetti-like timber openings.

    19 appartments
    Osdorp Centrum-Zuid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    January 2006
    De Principaal and Stadgenoot
    Projectarchitect: Jasper Grool
    Medewerkers: Olivier Langejan, Yasuyo Matsuda
    2.660 m2
    2.000.000 euro