moriko kira architect

Park & Garden Meppel

21 homes in garden setting

For our client we realized in Meppel 21 houses. Enclosed by a greenish island in a river and a postwar neighborhood is a triangular plot. It is a good example of a project where the quality of the environment is leading and the architecture provides an extra layer of meaning. A new footpath is planned along the river and in the rolling landscape are four housing blocks embedded within a wall circled garden. The blocks are islands in a sea of green landscapes. On the street, the houses have an urban and formal face, towards the park the facade is very open and informal. With split level, the spatial quality of the high living room and a view from the kitchen into the landscape is created. Thanks to the careful and high quality green environment, we can design with very simple architecture to create a meaningful and sustainable neighborhood.

    21 homes in landscape garden
    Wibautstraat en Schaperstraat, Meppel, The Netherlands
    October 2007
    Woonconcept Vastgoed
    Landscape design: Parklaan landscape designers
    Project architect: Jasper Grool
    Collaborators: Olivier Langejan, Anne Boonstra, Annemarijn Haarink
    3.170 m2
    2.600.000 euro