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Restaurant Yamazato

Interieur restaurant

Yamazato Restaurant is located in the 5-star Japanese hotel Okura in Amsterdam. The hotel and restaurant are already 30 years in the Netherlands and has become a famous Japanese culinary institute in Europe. A major Japanese brigade of chefs and staff led by Chef Oshima, who is working here for 30 years, makes possible in Europe an unprecedented quality of Japanese food.


In Japan, it is not customary to serve an exclusive Japanese Kaiseki dinner in a large hall. Normally applies: small room, small group. It is a very private moment, while in Europe the dinner is a part of public life. Our challenge was to reconcile these culinary culture differences by our design. The celebration of dining in the great and exclusive French restaurants in Paris combined with, for everybody, both for Western people, but also Japanese, recognizable design.


In a dynamic ceiling design of Sumiya in Kyoto, in the 17th century, a traditional built party room with courtesans, we felt a sort of public celebration which is rare in Japanand that we used for the lighting of the hall. Furthermore, the windows and the niches built with cedar and detailed in a Japanese manner. We continued the dynamics in the design of the carpet containing the currents of the river in combination with various floral designs. Guests are received in the unmistakable Japanese room with panorama to a large Japanese garden where the festive and authentic lunch and dinner take place every evening.

    Renovation and interior Japanese restaurant
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    August 2005
    Hotel Okura
    Project architect: Olivier Langejan, Tim Piet
    Collaborator: Yasuyo Matsuda
    180 m2