moriko kira architect

Transformation historic building

Renovation home in 17th century monument

In medieval core in Amsterdam is a small 17th century building. We restored the outside thoroughly and renewed inside completely. The foot print was so small (approx 5x5m) that it was almost impossible to place even a staircase. We proposed to make the stairs part of the experience of the interior and along with the different heights of the ceiling and the light, we have created different atmospheres on each floor. The ground floor with mezzanine floor and high ceiling and contact with the alley is characterized by toughness, strengthened by the stone floor and the continuous sink stairs wall. We made it in terms of color and materials lighter on each floor.

    Renovation home
    Zanddwarsstraat. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    March 2001
    Private client
    Project architect: Etsuko Yamada
    Collaborator: Martijn Reekers
    100 m2